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Join Royal Lepage Platinum Realty Brokerage Brampton as an Agent

Dated: June 22 2021

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Welcome to Royal Lepage Platinum Realty Brokerage. For most agents, a common problem is getting a steady stream of high-quality buyers and sellers to work with. They often end up on an income rollercoaster because they spend too much time on aspects of the sales process and take them away from selling more homes. Agents on my team know, there is a better way to sell homes. They make a rewarding income worker a reasonable workweek. Do no open houses, no cold, calling no marketing, no advertising, no prospecting, and have a steady stream of buyer leads and seller leads and appointments are supplied to them. As an agent with my team, you will spend your days actually selling homes and only doing the parts of the job you like. You should consider this agent position as an excellent opportunity to earn a high-level income in real estate, with stress-free opportunities. This sales agent position is not for the brand new rank amateur agent seeking a shortcut to proficiency, nor is it for the failed agent unable to make a living. Instead, the agents who love this change and do well in this position and had some successful sales are knowledgeable, have good client management, communication, and organization skills, and could continue earning a good living in the real estate if they had to welcome the opportunity to focus on sales functions with pre-qualified leads and appointments the freedom from endless cold prospecting, expensive advertising, intense competition, and uncertain unpredictable feast and famine rollercoaster income.

I will share with you an overview of how we generate and distribute leads on our real estate sales team. You will have seen how we generate a steady stream to overflow, fantastic buyers and sellers and through specialized scripts, we convince the best of the best prospects to actually meet with us. Here's how it works. Firstly, the prospects contact us through a reverse marketing system. That means with our unique marketing and advertising we stop the prospects in their tracks because they raise their hand and identified themselves as a prospect day. Contact us. That's right. All of our prospects call us. We don't do any cold, calling or door knocking. All of the prospects that we generate contact us now, that's the first step next or the administrative team leader pulls all the leads off our various lead capture systems in all the data is input immediately into our Contact Management System. The leads manager then distributes the leads with the best inside sales agents and the best outside sales agents. Getting the best leads in inside sales agents on our team assigned to the lead gives the prospect a call following with them. That's the first point of contact and at this first point of contact, the inside sales agents determine that more follow-up is required before booking the appointment. If the lead has dropped, because the quality of the league is too low we then book an appointment since we generate many ready-to-act prospect leads. We do assign the appointment to the best outside sales agent and guess what? That's you. If you are the right, fit for the real estate sales team, you will get that prospect. You will go on that appointment and then you simply meet with the prospect either at our office or at the property. Now, what happens when you meet with them? After you, review with them, you come to the conclusion if they are exclusive sellers or buyers presentation depending on their need. They were going to sign an agreement with you, either listing or by the contract. The prospect may do a post-dated agreement if they are not quite ready at that time, but we will continue to follow up with them to make sure we are on track to proceed when the time is right. The prospect has more than two weeks out, then they are kicked back to our inside sales agent for follow-up in the process starts all over again. The outside sales agent on our award-winning real estate sales team gets you a stream of the best and most motivated quality buyers and sellers. You are not spending your time chasing prospects around town that are not interested in talking to you or not ready to move.

You are only talking to prospects that are ready to do something. I hope you can see that it's a unique system how it works and that you will take an interest in applying for a position on our team or, at the very least discussing it. Further, if you have a few sales under your belt and have the necessary skills, and are ready to come in out of the rat race. We have a great place on our team. Contact me for a discreet discussion on this amazing opportunity by calling the special information line provided below. Let’s go and sell some houses. Thank you! Sam Khangura (Broker of Record) Royal Lepage Platinum Realty Brokerage 2 County Court Blvd #202 Brampton ON L6W3W8 Phone: 905-451-3999 Fax: 905-451-3666 Email: sam@rlplatinum.ca Website: www.royallepageplatinumrealty.ca

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Sam Khangura

Sam Khangura, Broker of Record of Royal LePage Platinum Realty, based in Brampton is a full-time Real Estate Agent/Broker since the year 2003. He has lived in Brampton for over 20 years. During that t....

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Join Royal Lepage Platinum Realty Brokerage Brampton as an Agent

Welcome to Royal Lepage Platinum Realty Brokerage. For most agents, a common problem is getting a steady stream of high-quality buyers and sellers to work with. They often end up on an income

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